Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let me reintroduce myself.

        For the two people that actually viewed this blog in its first inception I have spectacular news. I have more stuff to say.

        This blog is fair game for any thought I want to get out of my head, but I will try to keep the post related to enrichment as opposed to bitching. Please do not misunderstand me,  I can be prolific at bitching and it is much easier to write about but I think the internet has that topic covered pretty well. Expressing ideas and thoughts on more enriching topics will make for more thoughtful writing.

        Anyone that knows me has heard my tone of distain when speaking about the cult of self help, motivational speakers and the gobs of wide eyed mouth breathers that are addicted to them.
The truth is, I could use a lot of help on myself, and daily intravenous doses of motivation. It's just that I am stubborn and will not trust anybody else to do the task. So I decided to write my own non motivational/motivational book.

       I will be posting chapters on the blog from time to time to receive praise, and smiley faces. Actually, I would appreciate anyones dire criticism of anything written here. One of my few good qualities is a tough skin and a willingness to listen to criticism. I also would like to become a much better writer and I think doing it and having it torn to shreds by others is about the only way to go about it.

       If you read something on the blog and hate it, love it or just had a giggle please let me know. Feedback is the best motivation I know of for me to write more and that is really what this blog is about. Hopefully I write something worth your time.

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