Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dissecting Joy

Dissecting Joy

Last Wednesday I picked my daughter up from school for an early dismissal and went fishing.  My daughter will declare any fun day to be the best day ever at the drop of a hat. Myself being much more jaded will happily declare that it was indeed one of the best days ever.

There was a surplus of smiles that day but I was not able to take a picture of the smile that sticks with me. This particular smile touched a spot that only the fathers of amazing little girls have.

On the way to the pond I looked over in the passenger seat to see her with the window down, arm reaching out to touch the passing world. A look of pure uplifting joy on her face. I know kids are not supposed to ride in the front seat but that was part of what was bringing that smile to her face. Leaving school early, sitting in the front seat, silly rules did not apply that day and part of the joy she was feeling was freedom.

We have always enjoyed riding in the car with loud music. We have been doing it since before she could walk and if she ever has hearing problems I will feel horrible but blaring fun music with your kid is a joy all its on.

That days selection was Bob Marley and it was just the right soundtrack for a perfect day.  She was singing out-loud "I'm a rainbow too."

I watched her with an expanding spirit of pure happy love in my chest. She knew she was being watched but kept singing loud and smiling louder. He aura of happiness was infectious and I did not ruin the effect by thinking to much about it.  But that evening I took a moment to dissect that perfect slice of time in the hopes of being able to create more of it.

I think the most important thing is being with someone you can be happy. A friend, lover or family member you feel free enough to express uninhibited happiness with sets the stage for joy.

The second ingredient is action. The doing of something, the going of someplace.  A totally different kind of happiness is found in a lazy day but as great emotions go I will take adventure and discovery every time.

Lastly, the feeling that you are doing something special. This gives you the ability to appreciate what you are doing because you would normally be doing something more mundane.

I think as a Father, Spouse, Boss, or Friend we all have the responsibility to give this kind of joy a chance. To set aside the time, to pick a destination or activity and be the kind of person someone is not afraid to share happiness with.

This kind of joy is rare and making all  of these efforts will rarely produce the moment I am talking about, but that moment is not what you should be chasing. This kind of emotion is a byproduct of just doing the right thing. We should be chasing time with people we love and like. We should be chasing the desire to make someone else feel special.  The chase will be worth it.  There is no distance I can't run to give to give her all the chances in the world to feel it.

I'm a rainbow too. 

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