Thursday, August 25, 2016

Our Cucked Election

The only reason I ever debate politics with anyone is because the imp of the perverse has taken hold and I wish to wind that person up into a frothing frenzy for no good reason.

But this election year something is wrong, nobody really wants to play. Both Hillary and Trump camps will come out slinging some wild punches but there is no real feeling behind it.But really,
how can anyone still take this political process seriously?

I have been a political cynic since Bush stole the election. I voted for Bush that year but even as I watched the hanging chad farce I knew the fox was in the henhouse and it was the last time I voted in a presidential election.  My suspicions were confirmed years later watching Karl Rove lose his mind on live T.V because his hackers got hacked and they lost Ohio during the following election. Read here. The fact that I cannot find one major news article that even covers the possibility this happened speaks volumes about how we got to this point.

A cynic never truly wants to be right and it’s a sad day when he looks around to find all the faithful are gone.

What is scary about this election is that the powers that be cannot be bothered to hide the corruption any longer.  Both sides blissfully do not give a shit about how bad a show they are putting on. It’s as if they already know what is going to happen and they really don’t care if anyone votes for anyone.

Everyone voices the wrongness of this presidential election but nobody seems to be able to clearly speak the devils name.  Of course Trump is a mockery of a candidate but look past the seemingly unscripted insanity on stage and there is something of a sinister circus feel to it. Is that bear riding a unicycle Russian?

Of course Hillary is a criminal and by all accounts a horrible person.  She proved with shocking clarity in a single FBI press conference that her long-standing political power puts her above the law.  She doesn’t even bother to hang her skeletons up in the closet any longer, just don't try point out the obvious or you too can become part of the bone pile in the corner.

Bernie proved without question that nobody uninvited gets to crash the party. Even those who deplored Sanders political ideas sighed deeply as it became evident that it is all but impossible for change to happen under the current power structure.

The American public is a spouse being cheated on but who can’t afford to leave.  The cheaters have all the credit cards, deeds, income, insurance and illusion of security.  If we as a nation dare file for divorce from this sham of a union it will be messy and probably bloody, but if the politicians cannot even give us a believable illusion of a democratic union then they do not leave us much choice.

Spouses will put up with almost anything as long as they have a pretty picture to post on Facebook that will help convince themselves and the rest of the world that all is well.  If you take that away from them then you give them no option but to break away no matter the cost.

We are not even asking for the power structure to fix anything at this point, just give us back a semblance of pride in our democracy.


Adam Chandler